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Your customers earn loyalty dollars when they buy from you, spending those dollars on the most popular lifestyle products we provide in Travel, Entertainment, Food & Beverage, Property & Estates, and much more. You earn new funded businesses and more profit with significant repeating loyal customers.

This is the opportunity to make your dreams a reality, a new unicorn that disrupts the startup industry and help you thrive! Your new funded startup now bundled with technologies to collaborate with diverse business types. A technology that allows you to benefit long-term instead of competing with each other.

The Components

The NEW Rich List Affliliation Companies.

Entrepreneurship is in trend. In fact it’s never been trendier.

Advances in technology means everyone could start online businesses, selling their own or other people ’s products with virtually no capital outlay.

Advances in technology resulted in robots and artificial intelligence replacing millions of jobs that were still done by manlabour a few years ago.

Now that technology are getting much more advanced, entrepreneurship is a necessity. No more a luxury of choice for millions who lost their incomes.

The dream of starting your own business has never been more relevant or timely. However in reality, 80% of new businesses fail. Even people who sell online failed to survive just because they don’t have the necessary skills or mindset to succeed in a minefield of competition, which at last count was over 1 Billion Websites.

It is staggering if we think about this very simple fact; There is no entrepreneurial or business success education in our educational platforms, including universities with the exception of Harvard and a few others. The entry fees alone are prohibitive for most without guaranteed success. There is no real relevant Business Mentoring Programmes or education by qualified entrepreneurs who have already succeeded.

However, some businesses do succeed and some succeeded so spectacularly that the wannabe Entrepreneur on-lookers cry, “Why can’t I achieve the same success?”

THE TRUTH IS YOU CAN! Because if there’s one thing I’ve learned in life, is that literally ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE and ANYONE CAN SUCCEED, no matter what the background and circumstances that individual has been a victim of.


There are many examples such as Microsoft, Apple, Uber, and Airbnb to name a few. Many new businesses do not own stock, but merely provide access to better services and more convenient ways to use them or receive them.

The good news is to each of those successful businesses there is a set of rules or a blueprint to success. The good news is that the blueprint can be taught, but it can only be taught effectively and in the most accelerated way when the person teaching those steps is a person who has already taken those steps and succeeded. Not just once but again and again, and is willing to walk that wannabe Entrepreneur through those steps through the discipline of experience, otherwise known as fail first. Get feedback from your mentor, try again, and find the right way to get it right and make money.

The lack of mentors in our society in abundant numbers, therefore the access to successful business people that can show you the way has been critically insufficient.

Hence, when the mentor is not present to teach you the lesson from the failure, the only meaning from failure becomes a label and a convenient excuse of, “It just wasn’t meant to be”, strengthened all too often when the money runs out, because each failure just cost too much.

It is a proven fact that if the aspiring ENTREPRENEUR has access to another successful entrepreneur who mentors them, the road to success becomes a strong and real possibility.

Once success is achieved, the GROWTH and SUSTAINABILITY of that business will be facilitated.

Great Businesses in today’s world, and really throughout the whole history of the world have been companies that have disrupted the normal way of doing business, and have a found a gap in the market to exploit that serves the community and customer in such a better way, that it is too compelling to ignore.

We know as a team of Award-Winning Entrepreneurs that it is not the lack of capital that ruins a business’s success. It is the lack of Skill, Experience, Mentoring, and Technology that provides a universal rewarding value added loyalty program; A currency that people can earn and spend on lifestyle choices that adds to the true quality of life, giving it more meaning. A connection to their inner selves, as well as a connection to people who can share their experiences. A currency they can spend on what they love as well as what they need.

Think of what you and other people want now, more so than at any other time in history; Experience! And the time to enjoy that experience! It is the intangible joy and emotion of direct experience that fuels us to feel and share our passion for life, to do what you love and not just what you have to do to survive!

We are going to fund businesses that offer people services and products they need, saving them time and money. Businesses that offer services and products that improve the quality of people’s lives so they can truly live the life they want, instead of the life they have to exist.

Some of those customers could well be funded Entrepreneurs themselves. Why? Well, when people have the chance to travel around the World and enjoy favourite things, they engage in their imagination. They become creative, and they suddenly see business opportunities that others are too busy to see. Now they have the opportunity to be fully funded in their ideas, and mentored to succession through the execution of proven business processes from conception to marketing and to distribution.

This is why “THE NEW RICH LIST” became an idea that now turns into an overwhelming need in the economies of all countries.

A need that is now a reality, because there is enough money to fund you, there are enough qualified successful Entrepreneurs to mentor you, and there are enough customers and distributors with affiliates to start your business. Grow your business and help your business thrive!


Governments only regulate businesses… and taxes them.

For the economic survival and prosperity of humans to prevail, a new kind of business has to be created. That business is THE NEW RICH LIST.