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Entrepreneurship is in trend. In fact, it’s never been trendier.

Advances in technology means everyone could start online businesses, selling their own or other people ’s products with virtually no capital outlay.​ It also resulted in robots and artificial intelligence replacing millions of jobs that were still done by man labour a few years ago.

Now that technology is getting much more advanced, entrepreneurship is a necessity. No more a luxury of choice for millions who lost their incomes.

The dream of starting your own business has never been more relevant or timely. However, in reality, 80% of new businesses fail. Even people who sell online failed to survive just because they don’t have the necessary skills or mindset to succeed in a minefield of competition, which at last count was over 1 Billion Websites.

It is staggering if we think about this very simple fact; There is no entrepreneurial or business success education in our educational platforms, including universities with the exception of Harvard and a few others. The entry fees alone are prohibitive for most without guaranteed success. There is no real relevant Business Mentoring Programmes or education by qualified entrepreneurs who have already succeeded.

However, some businesses do succeed and some succeeded so spectacularly that the wannabe entrepreneur on-lookers cry, “Why can’t I achieve the same success?”


Because if there’s one thing I’ve learned in life, is that literally ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE and ANYONE CAN SUCCEED, no matter what the background and circumstances that an individual has been a victim of.

The simple fact is this; an idea can disrupt the entire world, and the whole world could change because of it.

There are many examples such as Microsoft, Apple, Uber, and Airbnb to name a few. Many new businesses do not own stock, but merely provide access to better services and more convenient ways to use them or receive them.

The good news is to each of those successful businesses there is a set of rules or a blueprint to success. The good news is that the blueprint can be taught, but it can only be taught effectively and in the most accelerated way when the person teaching those steps is a person who has already taken those steps and succeeded. Not just once but again and again, and is willing to walk that wannabe Entrepreneur through those steps through the discipline of experience, otherwise known as fail first. Get feedback from your mentor, try again, and find the right way to get it right and make money.

The lack of mentors in our society in abundant numbers.

Therefore the access to successful business people that can show you the way has been critically insufficient. Hence, when the mentor is not present to teach you the lesson from the failure, the only meaning from failure becomes a label and a convenient excuse of, “It just wasn’t meant to be”, strengthened all too often when the money runs out because each failure just costs too much.

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By Award Winning Entrepreneurs

Would you like to be mentored and coached by successful and Award-Winning Entrepreneurs? Accelerating success is achieved effectively when you learn directly from people who have got exactly what you want; A successful disruptive business that is making money, and never needing to work again! You now have that privilege! No other funding programme can deliver such qualified mentors.

Meet The Mentors
Marco Robinson

Marco is a #1 Bestselling Author, an Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Winner of the People’s Choice Best Retail Estate Investment Company 2015, and recently a Restauranteur Winner of the Tatler’s Best Restaurant 2015 for NAKED Restaurant. TV Celebrity, Creator of the new Channel 4 HIT TV Show “Get a House For Free” #1 Best Selling Author, Creator of the World’s 1st asset-backed cryptocurrency @NKDTechnology, Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Winner of the People’s Choice Best Retail Estate Investment Company 2015, and Restauranteur Winner of the Tatler’s Best Restaurant 2015 for NAKED Restaurant.


Malvin has work experiences with 3 multinational corporations in 3 different countries, spanning across 3 continents within just a short span of 7 years. He is a Google-certified Hyper-Connector with a constant eye to disrupt and simplify. Last and final engagement with the corporate world was with NYSE in Wall St, on the IT side. Came to them as a Knowledge Expert with backend systems and was contracted to their partners, CSC.

JDL headshot a
John Lee Dumas (JLD)

JLD is an American Entrepreneur, the founder & host of Entrepreneurs On Fire, world re-nowned an award winning international business podcast hosting many of the globes most famous and influential individuals. International influencer, and author of the internationally acclaimed Mastery Journal and the Freedom Journal.

Colin George

Colin is an award-winning entrepreneur and winner of the Global Faces Direct Top Donor Acquisition company of 2017. He currently works with organizations such as World Vision, Canadian Red Cross, Plan International, Doctors Without Borders, Christian Children’s Fund of Canada, and Amnesty International. Colin also runs one of the largest donor acquisition companies in Canada and has been in direct sales and marketing for over 7 years.

Real Testimonials

of lives being changed

What you will learn

  1. How to Brainstorm an IDEA into a real business.
  2. The critical importance of BRANDING that idea.
  3. How to RAISE CAPITAL from potential investors by creating a compelling story they simply cannot say no to.
  4. How to pitch confidently about your Idea to raise awareness.
  5. How to research that your IDEA is viable and has minimal competition, that it is a Disruptor, and it has to be a Disruptor to change the business environment and gain attention and income
  6. How to MARKET your new business ONLINE and OFFLINE with proven marketing strategies that have netted Marco Robinson £100 Million in sales!
  7. How to calculate the NUMBERS and make your Business profitable from DAY ONE.

The 2 STAGES of Coaching You Will Receive

Stage 1

We believe the ultimate and critical success factor is the effective mentoring for any new entrepreneur, to a level of successfully executing decisions and strategies.

In our mentoring programmes we offer expert coaching in every essential discipline; from Leadership to Accounting, from Sales to Marketing, from Social Media to Networking, from creating compelling value propositions to writing compelling sales copies, and the list goes on. The list is first and foremost relevant to the success of an aspiring entrepreneur.

In each discipline, we set them challenges. We coach, we assign tasks, we get results, we teach valuable lessons, and we keep going until the entrepreneur gains sufficient experience to qualify for the next level. We even pay the new entrepreneur throughout this process, so they commit time to achieve mastery, so they could leave the job they hate pretty quickly!

Stage 2

We pay and reward the entrepreneur a significant amount of money, directly reflecting their performance levels.

We provide the office space, award-winning products, and services already succeeding in the market for new entrepreneurs to build and effective business team, and to create fabulous lucrative income streams for themselves.


Governments only regulate businesses and taxes them.

For the economic survival and prosperity of humans to prevail, a new kind of business has to be created.

That business is THE NEW RICH LIST

A Brand New Patented Technology

A new currency called NKD$, build yourself a database! Once you get funded to kick-start your OWN BUSINESS, you’ll have an existing and well-managed group of customers who already know your products, earning NKD$ to spend as they wish.

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