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Think of the “THE APPRENTICE” meets “SHARK-TANK”, meeting thousands of customers ready to buy your products or service

Earn Loyalty Dollars

Your customers earn loyalty dollars when they buy from you, spending those dollars on the most popular lifestyle products we provide in Travel, Entertainment, Food & Beverage, Property & Estates, and much more. You earn new funded businesses and more profit with significant repeating loyal customers.

Your Dreams A Reality

This is the opportunity to make your dreams a reality, a new unicorn that disrupts the startup industry and help you thrive! Your new funded startup now bundled with technologies to collaborate with diverse business types. A technology that allows you to benefit long-term instead of competing with each other.

Entrepreneurship is in trend. In fact, it’s never been trendier.


Advances in technology means everyone could start online businesses, selling their own or other people ’s products with virtually no capital outlay.

A dvances in technology resulted in robots and artificial intelligence replacing millions of jobs that were still done by man labour a few years ago.

Now that technology is getting much more advanced, entrepreneurship is a necessity. No more a luxury of choice for millions who lost their incomes.
The dream of starting your own business has never been more relevant or timely. However, in reality, 80% of new businesses fail. Even people who sell online failed to survive just because they don’t have the necessary skills or mindset to succeed in a minefield of competition, which at last count was over 1 Billion Websites.

It is staggering if we think about this very simple fact; There is no entrepreneurial or business success education in our educational platforms, including universities with the exception of Harvard and a few others. The entry fees alone are prohibitive for most without guaranteed success. There is no real relevant Business Mentoring Programmes or education by qualified entrepreneurs who have already succeeded.

However, some businesses do succeed and some succeeded so spectacularly that the wannabe Entrepreneur on-lookers cry, “Why can’t I achieve the same success?”


Because if there’s one thing I’ve learned in life, is that literally ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE and ANYONE CAN SUCCEED, no matter what the background and circumstances that an individual has been a victim of.


There are many examples such as Microsoft, Apple, Uber, and Airbnb to name a few. Many new businesses do not own stock, but merely provide access to better services and more convenient ways to use them or receive them.
The good news is to each of those successful businesses there is a set of rules or a blueprint to success. The good news is that the blueprint can be taught, but it can only be taught effectively and in the most accelerated way when the person teaching those steps is a person who has already taken those steps and succeeded. Not just once but again and again, and is willing to walk that wannabe Entrepreneur through those steps through the discipline of experience, otherwise known as fail first. Get feedback from your mentor, try again, and find the right way to get it right and make money.

The lack of mentors in our society in abundant numbers,
therefore the access to successful business people that can show you the way has been critically insufficient. Hence, when the mentor is not present to teach you the lesson from the failure, the only meaning from failure becomes a label and a convenient excuse of, “It just wasn’t meant to be”, strengthened all too often when the money runs out because each failure just costs too much.

It is a proven fact that if the aspiring ENTREPRENEUR has access to another successful entrepreneur who mentors them, the road to success becomes a strong and real possibility.

Once success is achieved, the GROWTH and SUSTAINABILITY of that business will be facilitated.

Great Businesses in today’s world, and really throughout the whole history of the world have been companies that have disrupted the normal way of doing business, and have a found a gap in the market to exploit that serves the community and customer in such a better way, that it is too compelling to ignore.

We know as a team of Award-Winning Entrepreneurs

that it is not the lack of capital that ruins a business’s success. It is the lack of Skill, Experience, Mentoring, and Technology that provides a universal rewarding value-added loyalty program; A currency that people can earn and spend on lifestyle choices that adds to the true quality of life, giving it more meaning. A connection to their inner selves, as well as a connection to people who can share their experiences. A currency they can spend on what they love as well as what they need.

Think of what you and other people want now, more so than at any other time in history; Experience! And the time to enjoy that experience! It is the intangible joy and emotion of direct experience that fuels us to feel and share our passion for life, to do what you love and not just what you have to do to survive!

We are going to fund businesses

that offer people services and products they need, saving them time and money. Businesses that offer services and products that improve the quality of people’s lives so they can truly live the life they want, instead of the life they have to exist.

Some of those customers could well be funded Entrepreneurs themselves.

Why? Well, when people have the chance to travel around the World and enjoy favourite things, they engage in their imagination. They become creative, and they suddenly see business opportunities that others are too busy to see. Now they have the opportunity to be fully funded in their ideas, and mentored to succession through the execution of proven business processes from conception to marketing and to distribution.

This is why “THE NEW RICH LIST” became an idea that now turns into an overwhelming need in the economies of all countries.

A need that is now a reality, because there is enough money to fund you, there are enough qualified successful Entrepreneurs to mentor you, and there are enough customers and distributors with affiliates to start your business. Grow your business and help your business thrive!


Governments only regulate businesses… and taxes them.

For the economic survival and prosperity of humans to prevail, a new kind of business has to be created.

That business is THE NEW RICH LIST


Get Paid To Do What You Love


The direct benefit to the new ENTREPRENEUR is the ability to create a new database of qualified customers, a list of people who buy and benefit from THE NEW RICH LIST’s AWARD-WINNING PRODUCTS.

A brand new patented technology,

a new currency called NKD$, build yourself a database! Once you get funded to kick-start your OWN BUSINESS, you’ll have an existing and well-managed group of customers who already know your products, earning NKD$ to spend as they wish.

The new entrepreneur is fully funded! We provide them access to all of THE NEW RICH LIST database. It is a very powerful benefit, and brings in instant additional income to your new businesses.


The exciting news is once a new Entrepreneur’s business is funded, it will qualify to be on our list of products and services. Other new entrepreneurs in THE NEW RICH LIST network will be selling the new product or service to their database. It will be introduced as part of the NKD$ currency network.

The new Entrepreneurs will enjoy multiple income streams from various databases.

When the new Entrepreneur has a ready database of warm clients and a self-growing distribution network on a global level, the cost of marketing the new business is slashed dramatically.
The funded capital to new Entrepreneurs can then be used in the smartest way; to further develop and enhance the product or service they are offering. This creates more value to the direct user/customer, bringing improvements of that product and service to the market in an accelerated manner, therefore always staying one step ahead of any competition.

This use of capital ensures the maximum growth potential for any new businesses.

A WINNING Loyalty component with a BRAND NEW Cryptocurrency called NKD$ (NAKED Dollars)

The Top 6 Areas

people spend their money constantly:


were spent in each category in 2015, totalling 6 Trillion Dollars.


How does our Loyalty Programme work?

Using unique technology, we are able to track every customer’s spending habits, from their exact expenditure, down to their exact usage of every product in our portfolio.

That is powerful! Every time a customer spends they are rewarded with NAKED Dollars, which they can redeem with anyone of our award-winning products and our merchant partners.

Our unique technology manages our loyalty redemption program.

People can use NAKED Dollars to redeem products and services, or they can use NAKED Dollars and top up the difference with their own cash.

An effective loyalty program is a massive factor in whether or not your customer is going to be a repeat customer, thus saving tones of cash on future marketing strategies.


How does the funded new Entrepreneur benefit from the Rich List Loyalty component?


How does our Loyalty Programme work?


How is the training & qualified Entrepreneur attracted to stay with THE NEW RICH LIST?

It is a business model that rewards collaboration over competition.


Get Funded




From Angel Investors who already invested in THE NEW RICH LIST, Angel Investors contribute invested capitals to buy into THE NEW RICH LIST opportunity, purchasing a series of limited shares in the company and attract dividends from their investment. The added bonus to Angel Investors is upon THE NEW RICH LIST IPO within 2 years. The Initial Public Offering of RICH LIST stocks creates returns many times more than the initial investment. It is not uncommon for IPOs to multiply a return 50 times its original investment!

The most exciting part of this level of entry for Angel Investors is to have first-picks of qualified businesses from our qualifying Entrepreneurs, mentored and coached to a standard of excellence by a group of Award-Winning Entrepreneurs. Angel Investors take an equity position in the new qualifying businesses and reap the rewards.


From owners and directors of THE NEW RICH LIST, Angel Investors sit with us on the Investment Business Panel by joining us. We raise capital from our already vast experiences in business and networks.


A pool of available monies, 25% from the profit of the company will be used as investment capital for qualifying Entrepreneurs. Qualifying Entrepreneurs must reach a certain level of experience and success within THE NEW RICH LIST community to access that pool of fund.


In 2 years we are planning to lit THE NEW RICH LIST on the AIM (Alternative Investment Market) in London, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and the ASX (Australian Stock Exchange), with the view of launching an IPO on The New York Stock Exchange after a further 2 years. This will bring additional public money to finance qualifying Entrepreneurs.

Get Mentored


We Mentor


Would you like to be mentored and coached by successful and Award-Winning Entrepreneurs? Accelerating success is achieved effectively when you learn directly from people who have got exactly what you want; A successful disruptive business that is making money, and never needing to work again! You now have that privilege! No other funding programme can deliver such qualified mentors.

Capital can only work to its optimum level, if the Entrepreneur perating that capital is EXPERIENCED IN BUSINESS.


We believe the ultimate and critical success factor is the effective mentoring for any new entrepreneur, to a level of successfully executing decisions and strategies.

In our mentoring programmes we offer expert coaching in every essential discipline; from Leadership to Accounting, from Sales to Marketing, from Social Media to Networking, from creating compelling value propositions to writing compelling sales copies, and the list goes on. The list is first and foremost relevant to the success of an aspiring entrepreneur.

In each discipline, we set them challenges. We coach, we assign tasks, we get results, we teach valuable lessons, and we keep going until the entrepreneur gains sufficient experience to qualify for the next level. We even pay the new entrepreneur throughout this process, so they commit time to achieve mastery, so they could leave the job they hate pretty quickly!


We provide the office space, award-winning products, and services already succeeding in the market for new entrepreneurs to build and effective business team, and to create fabulous lucrative income streams for themselves.

We pay and reward the entrepreneur a significant amount of money, directly reflecting their performance levels.




Marco is a #1 Bestselling Author, an Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Winner of the People’s Choice Best Retail Estate Investment Company 2015, and recently a Restauranteur Winner of the Tatler’s Best Restaurant 2015 for NAKED Restaurant.



Stuart has held positions as Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice-President within operations in travel, tourism, and loyalty rewards industries for over 30-years in both publicly listed and major privately held companies.



Malvin has work experiences with 3 multinational corporations in 3 different countries, spanning across 3 continents within just a short span of 7 years. He is a Google-certified Hyper-Connector with a constant eye to disrupt and simplify.



Lisa spent 10 years in a major Blue-chip cosmetic surgery group. She's now a co-founder of 4th Base Cosmetics with a quest to change the face of beauty by starting a chain of successful NAKED Beauty salons and help as many young woman as she could.


We Will FUND the NEW Entrepreneur

(if they pass our qualification process)

Every wannabe Entrepreneur that joins The New Rich List will be given the opportunity to be funded.
The other direct benefit to the new Entrepreneur is that they are able to create a new database of qualified customers, or a list of people that can buy and benefit from THE NEW RICH LIST Award-Winning Products, building a database for themselves. Once they get funded to start their own business, they would already have an existing and well-managed group of customers that already know them.


The other exciting news is that when their business is funded, it qualifies to be on our list of products and services. New Entrepreneurs in THE NEW RICH LIST Network will be selling the new product or service to their own database.

The new Entrepreneur will enjoy multiple income streams from multiple databases.


When the new Entrepreneur has a ready database of clients and a self-growing distribution network on a global level, the costs of marketing the new business is slashed dramatically.

It becomes a virtuous cycle of collaboration, not competition. It becomes a network of referrals, not a fight for new customers. An Entrepreneur may create their own ‘village’ and ‘towns’, eventually ‘cities’ of non-competing businesses virtually and in reality, bringing down the cost of doing business, driving up the value due to the continuous reward of NKD$ to every customer, the ‘mother & father’ of all reward programs!

The capital a new Entrepreneur has been funded with can then be used in the smartest way,
to further develop and enhance the product or service that they are offering, creating more value to the direct user/customer, bringing improvements of that product/service to the market in a much more accelerated manner, therefore always staying one step ahead of the competition outside of THE NEW RICH LIST.

This use of capital ensures the maximum growth potential of any new business.
Earn our NEW Cryptocurrency NKD$. Make up to 7,000% return in your FIRST year!
THE NEW RICH LIST holds patented technology for a new Cryptocurrency called the NKD$ (NAKED Dollars). Different from others and holds more intrinsic value than Bitcoin, NKD$ allows you to trade in all our businesses from travel to cosmetics on a 1:1 ratio, saving you half of what you would normally spend! It truly is a technological breakthrough!

EARN and SPEND your NKD$ in the most popular products

You also earn NKD$ throughout your journey to become a fully fledged Award-Winning Entrepreneur through a fantastic affiliate compensation plan, where you can EARN up to $10,000 per day and more. For every dollar earned, we match it with NKD$, massively increasing your profit!

* Every new cryptocurrency has risen on average from 0.01cents to 0.70 cents within the FIRST year of launch.

THE NEW RICH LIST is powered by the NAKED brand which has also been developed into NAKED Rewards, a loyalty program that has created a new cryptocurrency block-chain technology called NAKED Dollars (NKD$).

This new online currency represents true value whenever purchasing products and services within the NAKED Group of companies, where customers can ‘EARN’ NKD$ when they purchase products and services, then ‘BURN’ those dollars within the NAKED Group and any other affiliated companies.

The Cryptocurrency has a TRUE VALUE and can be traded in an open source environment just like ‘Bitcoin’.

‘Bitcoin’s rise from 0.10c per coin to it’s peak at USD$1,200 per coin is not just a proven concept. It has created a new currency market free of banking system, a better alternative to the liabilities and costs banks attribute.

NKD$ is a currency that can help people trade more efficiently, most importantly with far more value as people are directly rewarded when they trade in or earn their NKD$ on what they are used most to buying, and what they spend the most money on such as Travel, Food & Beverage, Cosmetics, Property, Entertainment and more.

If we take one of those industries like Food & Beverage, $10 Trillion were spent in that industry in 2015. If we take another industry like TRAVEL, $7 Trillion were spent by consumers in 2015.
I discovered during my business experience of successfully creating several companies, including a travel incentive company in 2008 that was incredibly successful, that people want fantastic value in the most relevant areas they were spending money in! They wanted that value to be true; a true discount, a true deal, not an inflated one.

I want people to eat at my restaurant and be rewarded for doing so, not just in the experience but in hard currency, an extra they could actually spend across the most popular consumer items in the World, including travel, going out to eat, staying in to eat, entertainment, buying or renting property, even cosmetics.

Marco Robinson, Founder of the New Rich List


This solution is simple: people could save a lot of money in spending what they would spend anyway. They would save a lot of time because they could do it online and offline, and they would be rewarded in every transaction they make”

The difference between a credit-card reward or an airline-miles program to NKD$, is they could get a lot more value for the same dollar spent!

For example, if you are rewarded with a free a 6-night vacation just by eating twice at a NAKED participating restaurant,there is a huge desire for that customer to get on holiday as soon possible! A huge problem of extra expenses is solved; their holiday is paid for with NKD$, the Entrepreneur is keeping and growing their customer base more efficiently and effectively because the technology that rewards them in blockchain form. All transactions are instant and offer the exact value as advertised. Blockchain is the new revolution of spending and banking, where banks have invested billions in making blockchain their new default system as it eliminates fraud and corruption effortlessly.

How did the NAKED brand got developed? It began with a restaurant.

I recognise the gap in the market in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, for a luxury cocktail bar, restaurant and entertainment venue that dared to be bold and challenge the nature of Malaysia’s conservative restaurant and entertainment scene. With a growing expat community and an increasing undercurrent of free-spirited natives, I saw a gap for luxury destinations where they could let their hair down. I knew this concept would do well. What I didn’t expect was for it to be such a success that inonly two years from now, the company would have become a global brand.

Marco Robinson, Founder of the New Rich List

How Big Is The Market?

The New Rich List believes it can achieve 1% of those industries in sales. More importantly, we believe we can capture up to 50% of the loyalty Blockchain currency market.